16 8 / 2012

I said,

New Job, come at me bro!

Even I have been deceived.

I was suppose to start my new job on the 13th of August (let’s call that Job A) but instead I went for an interview on the 13th and started my new job (now let’s call this Job B) on Wednesday. Yesterday.

What are the fucking odds of this happening to me?
What are the fucking odds of this happening BECAUSE of me.

Me and my indecisive mind. Or I’m being too picky.

And now I’m having this feeling that I want to give Job A a try.
But this time, this time it’s final.
Once I’ve started Job A, there’s no going back to Job B.
And it’s gonna get me stuck at the same job at least for another 2-3 years.

So now the question, to go or not to go?

I’ve sent an e-mail to them saying that I’ll report to them mid September and this job here requires a 2-week notice.
That means I have to decide by 1st September. Or end August.

I have 2 weeks from now.
Actually I only give myself a day.
I’ll decide tomorrow.
If things aren’t looking pleasant tomorrow, I might start Job A on the 1st of September.

The biggest problem I’m having now? Choices.
Like a kid in a candy store. Problem. Yes problem.

I’m not really actually asking for a solution. I just need an outlet. 



01 8 / 2012

Guten Abend!

Just gonna blabber on things random.

Firstly, consequences of reading slightly too much of ‘SmartphOWNED’?
There was this short, stumpy middle-age guy who was walking behind me all the way to work today. Stepping on the back of my shoes throughout the WHOLE FREAKING JOURNEY.
I turned around and said, “Hey, manboobs. Gerroff my shoes!”

I shocked myself. But I regret nothing.

Secondly, I made up my mind. Not to cower and hide.
I’m going to face new challenges. I will no longer procrastinate. If it means OT, then OT it will be. 
Humans make mistakes. I am human. Therefore, it’s alright to make mistakes.
I have been avoiding difficult tasks all these while just to avoid making mistakes.
I even quit a job because we weren’t allowed the Internet at the office.
Hey, I need the netz, kay.
Well, actually I’m just being impossible. When there’s too much work, I hate it when there’s too much work. When there’s too little work, I hate it even more when there’s too little work. You sorta feel left out. They might just say one day, that they don’t need you anymore and have to let you go.
I should stop complaining and stick to one. One solution. Stick to one decision. Whichever decision I make (possibly next week), that will be the one. No more changing. No more doubt. Nothing. 

Otherwise, I’ll never learn. I’ll never improve.  

WTF, self-realisation FTW.


 Yah, you know something’s terribly wrong when I start typing like this.

Anyhoo, medical check-up tomorrow. Needle.gonna.puncture.my.arm.gonna.puncture.my.arm.gonna.puncture.my.arm.

Ok. New job. Gonna stick to it. For at least 3 years. Or until I complete my ACCA.
That’s a promise I made to myself. Yesterday. I pinky promised myself. I can’t lie.

Yeah, new job. Come at me, bro! 

11 7 / 2012

1. Pole Hogger

A person who hogs the pole on a subway, bus, or train by standing against it with their entire body leaving others nothing to hold onto.

"I had to train surf the downtown 6 today because some guy was totally being a pole hogger."

Seriously, even this has a definition? I thought I’m the only one calling them this term.

But then really? Especially when it’s after work. You wanna hog the pole during peak hours with all your dirt, sweat, grease and grime?

Well, you could, there’s no rule against it. But really, no shame?

Where are all the ego? When you always want to win an argument with others, those times when you can’t lose face. Those times when you boast around just to gain popularity. Those times when your conversations are so loud because well, you found the need to alert others on how well-educated and informative you are. Those times when you openly point and criticise on another person’s physical appearance or fashion sense? (Mind you, all these are conversations I, not to say overhear, but it’s due to the fact the it was so loud, you couldn’t possibly unhear them, and all by strangers either along the road or in eateries during lunch time)

And now, you’re suddenly shameless?

 All I want to say is, you’re tired, we’re tired, everyone’s tired.
It just takes about 10-20 minutes before we all reach our destination.

Give us all a break.

p/s: If you happen to see a person holding an umbrella scraping these pole hoggers off their pole, that could have, well, could be me. 

29 3 / 2012

For starters, I’m the receptionist for the day. At your service.
Well, maybe it’s because I don’t have a much work as I should have.
My fault. I appeared to be slacking off because I leave work at 5pm.
But sometimes it makes me wonder, why the text messages with assignment of tasks comes in at 7am and to be completed by let’s say 8.30am?
Could it be because I come to work at 7? 

Apart from that, the little device I use for my accounting entries has gone missing.


This may be the first time I’m smiling when sitting at the reception because without that device, work is impossible.
So, that’s a bigger deal.

And this morning, walking in the rain was like being chased by Dementors.

Oh wait. I’m the Admin Assistant as well.
*gives a tune to chores like Marshall*
The printer ran out of letterheads~
Gonna get them from the storeroom~
There’s a meeting going on~
Gonna get them later~

And trust me on this, at the end of the day, it won’t be no thank you no apologies no nothing.
Just be me causing a delay (actually to no one else) because my workload is always in the WIP stage (it has always been complete). Dude, WIP cases? You’ve mistook me for someone else. I’m slacking off? I’ve changed? Why did I change? Why did I this? Why did I that? 

*Update: 10.44am*
The actual Admin Assistant is in.
Gee, I wonder if he needs to take over his duties.
Let’s wait and see. 

Nope. No one.

06 3 / 2012

Now I’m a runner as well.

Accounts Executive cum despatch.

What else couldn’t you think of?



26 2 / 2012

Will decorate this blog soon. And maybe start on street photography. Or project 365!

Like whoa, excitement!



26 2 / 2012


Yes, hello world!

Fingernails In My Eye started off as a place I rant.
Cause not like I could tell anyone.
I don’t bother others with the problems or self-proclaimed problems I have.

I know, a woman’s voice yapping is indeed annoying. True that. I totally agree.
*hint* To all female out there who wants to complain about anything to me, go away. Start a blog if you can’t find anyone to talk to. 

Well, actually, I never thought that I would blog in FIME (Fingernails In My Eye) ever again. But I needed an outlet somewhere.

And I wanted this to be actually a voice from the point of view of a pedestrian but workplace issues tend to appear, I have to let them out here as well.

I’ve been a pedestrian ever since I left high school. All through college, until this very moment.
I’ve been through it all. And I have to say…. road users… you’ve changed.

Cars and motorcycles don’t run red lights anymore.
They just drive on with their usual speed as thought it’s nothing. Nothing.
It’s always the pedestrians’ fault to cross the road (at the pedestrian crossing, mind you) when the light for pedestrians is green because it causes the motorcyclists to slow down or even come to a hault. *gasp*

I never felt the impact before as I’ve just been escaping, running, sprinting around town until the near-death experience I had one Saturday.

Sad to say. I was never in peace walking to work ever since.
But personal transport is not an option.

I just hope road users would be kind enough to spare our lives. Please.



26 2 / 2012

Not that I’m complaining about some minor staple removing and restapling work but if the papers were dumped onto my table like garbage, untreated, with scraps and bits of leftover papers still attached and a staple dangling for its dear life through a hole it just punched through a moment ago but was figured out that it wasn’t needed anymore but too difficult or too energy-consuming to be removed,

that’s just… plain rude.

You know, at least for once, I just thought……. maybe…… I could like, you know, be treated like a human, eh? No? That’s not how it works?

I thought keeping my table clean would do the trick. Like it would look out of place or plain wrong to have things thrown and piled up all over the place.

I thought I’m here to work rather than picking up your shyt.

Too much, am I? 

I know I’m too much. I should never be thinking about things like these.
Why even try to hope for equal treatment?

Sorry for asking. My bad. Yah, my bad. Piece of crap.